Above and Below The Sea
A Maureen McNaughton Design featured in the
Decorative Painter Magazine, Issue #4, 2012
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Two of my favorite artists are Maureen McNaughton and Betty Caithness.

I have been so fortunate to study with some fantastic artists over the years.  My passion for the last twelve years has been strokework designs by Maureen McNaughton.  I have painted and taught countless number of her designs.  I am thankful to have her blessings to continue to teach her extraordinary works of art.

Most recently, I have been certified to teach designs by Betty Caithness.  I have painted Betty’s designs for most of my painting career and just happened to live within a hour’s drive of where she taught in Leesburg, Virginia in the 1990’s.  I took every class she taught there.  Her designs are a favorite of many artists.  When newer painters today see her work, it appears to them to be newly published work.  Won’t they be surprised when they discover that these timeless designs were created several years ago.

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Check out a few Maureen McNaughton Pattern Packets

I have accumulated several McNaughton pattern packets over the years that were left over from seminars that I have taught.  I have a limited number of these packets for sale here on my website as well as miscellaneous wood items to come later.  To see these, Click on “Shop.”